above和over用法具体区别 相关句子整理

    above和over用法具体区别 相关句子整理
    句子1:The water came up above/over our knees.(水没过了我们的双膝。)
    句子2:Can you see the helicopter above/over the palace?(你能看见宫殿上空的那架直升机吗?)
    句子1:The plane was flying over Denmark.(飞机当时正飞越丹麦。)
    句子2:There's thick cloud over that mountain.(浓云笼罩在那座山的上空。)
    3、在与数字、数量或量词短语一起用时,较常用over(=more than)。
    句子1:There were over 100,000 people at the peace rally. (参加这次和平集会的有100000人以上。)
    句子1:The temperature is three degrees above zero.(温度是零上3度。)
    1. We were flyingabovethe clouds.
    2. Falling debris rained on us fromabove.
    3. There are dotsabovethe letters i and j.
    4. The three statuesaboveare probably Roman divinities.
    1、Happiness diffused alloverthe crowded deck like a flower fragrance.
    2、not deny a person the chance to turnovera new leaf
    3、They were a very good team, but they couldn't getoverthe hump.
    4、He stumbledovera stump and fell flat on his face