get off it和get it off的区别

    get off it和get it off的意思不一样。get off it:从它(上面/里面)下来/出来。get it off:把它拿掉,差不多是等于 take it off。
    get off it和get it off的区别
    是get off it 还是get it off
    get off it 和 get it off
    get off it - 从它(上面/里面)下来/出来
    that horse is dangerous, get off it
    smoking is bad, get off it
    get it off - 把它拿掉 ,差不多是等于 take it off
    用get off造句
    1、We get off here.
    2、I'll get off here.
    3、It's time to get off.
    4、Maybe someone will get off.
    5、Where do you get off?
    6、Should I get off here?
    7、You need to get off.
    8、He has to get off the phone.
    9、Just get off my back, will you!
    10、Could you get off early tomorrow?
    11、I'll get off at the hospital.
    12、"I've got to get off this ship!" roared John.
    13、Never get off while the car is moving.
    14、What 4d is, is the get off the fence dimension.
    15、Take a bus number7and get off at the bell tower .
    16、I will get off the passage by heart.
    17、 Get off the horse and get off the car. Waiting too long, more than a hundred steps.
    18、Stand back from the door, please. Let the passengers off. You can't get on until other passengers get off.
    19、Passengers should get on or get off the bus in order and can't off the bus until it stop totally.
    20、The aircraft hadn't enough power to get off the ground, ie take off.
    21、We'd better get off the lake before the storm breaks, or we'll get soaked.
    22、How can I get out of the platform after I get off the train.
    23、I can get on the ride, but I'm not sure I'll get off it again.
    24、He could get off at the station, of course, but he might jump off either just before or just after.
    25、(Mao's comment: If they have something they want to get off their chests, let them.) Let them get it all off their chests.
    26、How do birds and bats and other flying beasties manage to get off and stay off the ground?
    27、Wangjing is a transfer station, passengers for line 14, please get ready to get off the train.
    28、Mark is trying hard to get off with the new typist.